Ludwig Breakbeats by Questlove 4-piece Shell Pack – Azure Sparkle


The thing that makes Ludwig Breakbeats drums such a great solution for gigging drummers is that they don’t feel restrictive. That’s because these drums combine clever designs and full-sized heads to achieve the feel and sound of a full kit. When drummers here at Sweetwater got to check out this setup, one of the things that impressed us the most is the bass drum riser, which elevates the compact 16″ bass drum so that it’s the perfect height for your kick pedal. Available in Azure Sparkle.

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  • 4-piece portable shell pack includes 2 toms, a bass drum, and a matching snare drum.
  • All shells are made from 7-ply hardwood to provide full-sized punch and projection
  • 16″ bass drum comes equipped with riser hardware for natural beater alignment
  • Shell pack comes complete with a full set of nylon bags
  • All drums outfitted with Remo Pinstripe tom heads